Welcome to The Board of Review

Ensuring Fair and Timely Review of Property Assessment Appeals throughout Cook County

Commissioner Rogers, Commissioner Patlak, Commissioner Cabonargi and the entire Board of Review welcome you to the 2014 session of the Cook County Board of Review.

Pre-Registration for 2014 Assessment Complaints

The Board of Review is now accepting pre-registration 2014 assessment complaints from individuals filing on their own property for any township that has not yet opened for review by the Board of Review for its 2014 session.

The Board of Review will process any pre-registration complaint form for review once the relevant township opens for filing during our 2014 session.  If you would like to file a pre-registration assessment complaint at this time, please use the link above. 

Individual property owners may file an assessment complaint online regarding their property during pre-registration or during the period that the relevant township is open for its thirty-day (30) filing period. 

Please be advised, that the Board of Review will not accept any per-registration complaints or regular assessment complaints for a property located in a township where the thirty-day (30) filling period has ended for the 2014 session.


Please click on the link below to view the status of the current year appeal and to view a 5 year history of decisions.

Please click the link below for our current Commercial, Industrial and Residential hearing schedule

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